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"Our clients come first, whatever it takes."

Client Testimonials

This meal was provided by a dear client to thank us for our assistance in selling their property.


"I had such a great experience with Trombley Real Estate and I know you will too! Every step was handled with such integrity and professionalism. I was initially looking for a place to lease and with Mick's guidance I was led to a place that I could actually purchase! I'm so happy with my new space and can't wait to get started in it! #grateful


“As a buyer of a Trombley listed commercial property, we found the staff at Trombley Real Estate to be  extremely helpful in the purchasing process.  The staff was quick to respond to our inquiries, they accommodated our schedules and were extremely helpful in the transitioning phase of ownership. A very welcomed experience.”


"We purchased a property listed by Trombley. They did everything possible in order to provide a positive experience for all parties involved. I respect them as a team of people who cares about facilitating a positive outcome and for being invested in helping local businesses find the right real estate."


"I wonder what and where I would be at this point if you had not stepped into this project with the gusto and skill that you bring to your life and everything you touch... You are a force of nature and genuinely one of the nicest, most honest human beings I have ever met.  And I know you may think I say that to just anyone, but I don't.  You are truly a saint."

- EW


"WOW!! What a job well done. You both said it would not be easy at our breakfast meeting. Thanks for taking us on and "Molding that Needle you found in a large pile of Sawdust" Without you guys my family would be in a tough sport with a huge building hanging over us. We cannot thank you enough!!  From all of us, thanks again."

- J,D,K,M


"The only mistake I made in working with you guys is I did not hire you sooner."

- CK


"Thank God! This transaction would not have happened without you guys."

- JL


"I thank God every day that we decided to use you as the realtors for the office... You exceeded our expectations.  Not only did you exceed them, you did it with honesty, integrity and a sense of calmness about you that seemed to keep us calm throughout the process.  You added a sense of security to us that we can't describe... Sort of like the Allstate commercial when they say, 'you're in good hands'."

- J and JM


"I just want to thank each one of you for your help and assistance with this process. We feel that you were very respectful when showing our office to prospective buyers and have gone above and beyond with helping us locate and identify furniture for our office. We do truly appreciate all your help." 



"It was a pleasure working with the two of you.  The property that you sold for me presented many twists and turns and you were able to work thru each and every obstacle and at the same time keeping me informed and up to speed at every bend.  I would highly recommend Trombley Real Estate for any commercial real estate dealings.  Job well done."

- C and KK


"... I read a Chinese proverb today that said, 'You cannot become rich except by enriching other.' You are a symbol of that saying!!"

- ML


"My heroes. ’To measure a Leader put a tape around his heart not his head' this is a quote by John Maxwell and makes me think of Mick"

- BL


"With Trombley Real Estate you get more than just a For Sale sign.  You get a team committed to do what it takes to make the sale."

- JIL and REL

"Mick Trombley is the only person I will consider using when either a buyer or seller of real estate!  I have worked with other real estate brokers, so I can make a fair comparison of Mick's performance to that of other brokers.  I will just say that Mick exceeded all my expectations in successfully finding a good tenant for our lease space."

- CM


"Their courtesy and professionalism came through even as being on the buying end of the transaction.  Each to do item and phone call was returned quickly and the problem or issue solved efficiently.  It was a pleasure doing business with Trombley Real Estate for the transaction and was so impressed that I hired {them} to negotiate a lease with the tenant of the property purchased after the closing was complete.  I would recommend their services to anyone buying/selling or have any other real estate type transactions."

- DW


"Please know that I will never forget how hard you worked both with selling the buildings and cheering me up, without lying to me, when I felt down."

- TM

It was very reassuring having Trombley Real Estate be part of the team to secure that sale of our property. It was especially comforting having the knowledge that there would be no surprises at the closing as the Trombley staff had double checked on all of the contingencies that may exist. We were very pleased with the knowledge that our best interests were considered in the process. 

- RB

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